Jasmine Rivera

Owner | Success Coach| Home-Based Business Guru |Proud Parent

With over a decade of success growing a home-based business alongside a growing family, Jasmine has skillfully mastered the art of business and more essentially, the art of balance. A proud parent of two, she welcomed her second child in 2019 and with her a new phase of business growth. In her second experience as a new parent, Jasmine connected with other new parents and a valuable discovery was made. Like her, they too desired to earn a living while caring for a family at home. Prompted by their passion, Jasmine now uses her platform to educate other “parent-preneurs” on how to monetize their skills without ever leaving the home.

As a consultant, Jasmine couples entrepreneurial insight with traditional career experience to develop and deliver systems that enrich her team, students, and the companies they virtually support. Having worked with CEOs and SVPs of Fortune 500 companies, each employing as many as 100,000 employees, Jasmine knows the power of perfected processes and the value of a happy tribe. An influencer of positive morale, she shares:

“Efficiency helps you get the most out of your business and gives you the freedom to make money while still doing the things you love.”

When Jasmine isn’t doing what she loves at Metropolitan Administrative Professionals, she enjoys spending time with family and advocating for autism awareness. At the age of five, Jasmine’s son was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Recognizing a need in communities of color, Jasmine founded Autism Culture, an initiative that connects minority parents of autistic children with local support networks. Through the initiative, she spreads autism awareness within the African-American and Hispanic communities and counters the misconceptions associated with the disorder.

An innovative and vibrant visionary, Jasmine’s success is a reflection of both personal ambition and her support of the ambitions of others. Her encouragement of fellow dreamers and domestic champions alike has made her everyone’s favorite “mom-preneur."